The Hindu Temple

The Hindu Temple

An introduction to the art and architecture of the Hindu temples of India.



Waleed Khan says:

Could’ve done without this woman’s annoying voice but this is some terrific

Sidramappa Algudkar says:

hiundu temple

Josephinachristina wernke says:
kneeinjections says:

wow gods sex positions are amazing…those nude gods

satyeswarareddy reddy says:

See more Historicle old constructed biggest temples

shoumik das says:

The Hindu Temple 

Shawn Forbes says:

The Hindu Temple 

richhpal singh sisodiya says:
Vijay annanthan says:

The Hindu Temple 

Masahiro Sekine says:

The Hindu Temple

Asian Art Museum says:

@porkinmycorkhole Thank you for your question! The temple is the Rajarani
Temple at Bhubaneshvara, ca. 1100 AD.

I Nyoman Subandi says:

wow…….I can believe it, so beautiful….love it so much!!!

Boo Radley says:

Religion is as crazy as the people who thought of it

joshryker says:

The Nazis deliberately chose one of the most ancient symbols of the human
race (curiously used by cultures as far-flung as Native American tribes,
Celts and Hindus) to pervert and distort its original intent as an icon of
their new world order. Kind of clever of them actually. Listen to
KoneAngkor. Check out Wikipedia, or any other work of comparative religion
or cultural anthropology. You’ll learn a lot.

A Kumar says:

Hinduism achieved the height long before when in all other part of world,
people were still barbaric and uncivilized. India has been the center of
knowledge and the only center of Spirituality. It has been in slavery for
about 1000 years, and survived against all odds. In last decades India
again taken the path of glory with astonishing development and
extraordinary growth of technology.

ManatedMan says:

@FraterAeternus93 It’s not the statue but what it represents.

RAM says:

Iam truely feeling Proud of it!!!… But Yaa.. It is unfair to let it go
unnoticeble to the world!!!…

InjusticePissesMeOff says:

Beautiful art/architecture.

calin4thewin says:

Great architecture. I don’t think anything actually lives there, that is no
more than in a forest, river or ocean, but yeah, people need their placebo
to believe in 🙂 Some of the complex temples really resembly psychedelic
visions, leading me to believe they were inspired from deep mystic states,
perhaps by lifelong meditators. Still that doesn’t mean that gods come to
inhabit the bricks 🙂

Oliver Aeternus says:

thats weird how they make a statue then worship it

redtihor1 says:

@fabtastic2 It depends. The oldest still existing stone facade temple was
erected in Brihadeshswar around 800 AD. Others like the Somnath and the
first Jagannath temples were probably older. Most of the temples depicted
in this video were built between the 10th and 14th centuries. Of course,
With most Northern temples torn down by the Muslims in the middle ages,
accurate analysis of temple architecture and construction is difficult.

porkinmycorkhole says:

Please tell me the temple name @ 2:00, I have lots of pictures of these
types of temples but no names 🙁

Rampally Venu says:

read Hindu Vedas you will know who are you and why are in this part of

fabtastic2 says:

How old are these temples?

nocturnal97 says:

I don’t deny that the architecture is amazing, but it doesn’t prove the
existence of God.

YoungKrupt says:

wha temple is dat??

orlandorzon says:

it means good luck man

Johnny Wilkinson says:

I am personally a christian, but I love the way that hinduism seems to be
such a calm, peace-loving religion. Even your music makes me feel so
wonderfully relaxed. Thanks.

indoguju says:

@danakulchyski you can also follow hinduism… Just believe in Karma.

Gilbert Nutier says:

peaceful video ! I enjoy it so much ; thank you for sharing ;

aceji says:

SUPERB TEMPLES. Check out the chariot at 3.11 and then the whole temples!!!
You will be amazed when you know that these were carved out from A SINGLE
PIECE OF A ROCK. The whole buildings and the figures, including the
doors,windows and pillars were carved from ONE PIECE OF ROCK. These temples

sunshine7018c says:

at 2:02 it looks like a sci-fi space ship instead of a temple. Simply

A Kumar says:

Hinduism involves everything and completely divine. Spirituality flows in
Hindus life a like unseen current. Its only religion which is truly divine,
and give individual freedom to search for God in his own way, Its talks
about human and not about a class of human who follows certain ideas. Also
it is the most attached religion in this world but still coming back better
and better.

Afif Bukhori says:

Why there is no prambanan


All of the major religions of the world took their ideas from Hinduism. The
problem is that they could not get their heads around the whole concept of
Hinduism,which is very deep. They left out the bits they could not
uinderstand (like tantrism,sexual practices-kama sutra,etc. which has
caused problems in those religions with fundamentalism. Hinduism is not a
religion…. it is a way of life(see the Vedas).

Poundra Akira says:

we’re not worship the statue we worship God.. just read Veda if u don’t get

xreort says:

Indians never give this lifestyle up…

Illmatic662 says:

@danakulchyski Im a born Canadian living in the US, and its because of
people like you I miss Canada =D

shree arjun says:

This is really more India temples on

irishmckiddo says:

im christian but id love to go to a hindu temple

Poundra Akira says:

wow.. the temples are as beautiful as the religion it self.. Proud to be
Hindu.. The oldest, the most detail and the most peaceful religion.. 🙂

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