I am a Lesbian, Mom – PRANK gone RIGHT!

I am a Lesbian, Mom – PRANK gone RIGHT!

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Katzedem says:

\\ _
\( •_•) F
< ⌒ヽ A / へ\ B / / \\ U レ ノ ヽ_つ L / / O / /| U ( (ヽ S | |、\ | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / `ノ ) Lノ (_/

Mister CHEF says:

I ordered a damn pizza an hour ago and it hasn’t arrived yet. The world is
going under!

Hemligt hemlit says:

The comments on this video are absolutley horrible.
I want to kill myself after reading them.

Jenease Forbe says:

To everyone reading this I just want to apologize to all of the homophobic
assholes in the comments that makes me want to kill myself. Being gay is
not something you can control!! I’m 15 and I understand that. Also Indian
but living in America made me realize just how ignorant and narrow minded
people are. And don’t go defending arranged marriage. Arranged marriages
are abhorrent and deny the people the opportunity to ever love someone so
much. I hear the people saying that nowadays boys and girls get to know
each other, but it’s STILL ARRANGED! It’s also looked down upon if you
don’t have an arranged marriage. AND U CAN F ING GO TO JAIL FOR BEING GAY
JUST DISGUSTS ME. Stupid homophobic people…
And don’t hate on the mother. She was brought up in a homophobic society
and learned to except her daughter in less than a day. Props to her!

YTV Network says:

Shiney tried to Prank her lovely mother by telling her that She’s a Lesbian
and wants to be with a girl (Payal) all her life. Watch the video to know
what happens after that!! #pranksvideos 

69op2gg1005ify0m says:

in india if father finds out about girl being a lesbian, they normally bury
the girl in the ground alive, that’s normal practice

Otilia.Nell says:

if my son told me he has gay i would slap him…… with a nice highfive

AlmondSlushie says:


TGOD F says:

plot twist the subtitles are not legit

J Jaswal says:

Gay ppl r disgusting this shit is illegal in India y is indian media n
social media trying to make it acceptable is it ran by jews or something? 

Miffa says:

1k gay faggots liked this proof LOOK AT THE DISLIKES ALL OF THEM ARE

Bianca Bish says:

The only idiotic person. In this video is the ignorant mom

Robert Judd says:

There’s nothing even remotely funny about having a mother who is ignorant
and bases her life upon what ‘society thinks’. The mom should be ashamed of
herself and understand that a person’s sexuality is a blessing, whether
it’s gay, bi or straight. The people who made this video are assholes who
should be shamed for such nonsense.

Edward Elric says:

1:37 “If you’re dad gets to know about all of this He will really fix you
up”…. O_O

deezebee2 says:

“We respect every individual’s *choice* of lifestyle”
The fuck is that supposed to imply?

girlwith acamera says:

first 0:02 gay isnt a choise. second im so happy i live in holland.

A MEG says:

what the fuck is wrong with the indian , man , japanese girl next to my
house get rape in a few weeks when she go to india

Butcher says:

the mom should be arrested and put to jail for a long time!! i am just
kidding, homosexuality is a disease and treatments should me made to cure

rayssa Jackson says:

indian people are so ignorant -.-
I hate india. 

Fayth Sky says:

Her mum was so understanding after a while so I am really confused with all
these rude comments towards Indians?
Its natural for her mum not to have a positive reaction at first, but she
understood after and thats the point. Stop the hate everyone!

JoseSaidWhat? says:

These people look like they’re well off, and I’m pretty sure their looks
are interconnected in some way. India has a caste system but is it
regularly broken from time to time? For example, if a higher class man sees
a beautiful women walking in the street but it’s from a lower class, can he
marry her? Is it like “Oh your pretty, you get a free pass in life.” and
this man takes the girl in for his own, marries her, and automatically
excels her in the caste system? Please do answer.

Johnprakash PP says:

Video is nice,….!!
Chick is good looking, but highlight is mom’s performance. 😛
It covered due to bad cinematography..!!

Anoop A says:

nice; how nice relation they have.!! really enjoyed :)

Romesa Khan says:

LOL this was hilarious! Your mom is such a sweetheart! :)

Maggie Tidwell says:

I’m not one to judge lesbians, but thank the Lord I am not lesbian.

Crazygamers1776 says:

Fucking Muslims with arranged marriage 

Shahrukh Khan says:

Who said Indian parents are not cool?? 

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