Child Prostitution in Southeast Asia

Child Prostitution in Southeast Asia

This is a video about child prostitution that i made for my English class project. This is the first time i made a video, so please excuse my mistakes if any…

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Minea Minion says:

The kids didnt seem unhappy, probs cuz theyre too young to underdtand. Just
give em 10 more years and their development is gonna be….i dont even know
how to explain it..

Lourdes Alvarez says:

This is a disgusting behavior, pedofiles deserve die slowly, we need a
Global law for those sicks bastards, I wish kill them with my own hands. 

E Kam says:

The Khmer Rouge did ban prostitution and capitalist ownership of land,
houses, factories, which is the basis of having only yourself to sell.
HOW WERE THEY BROUGHT BACK? Why the current political leaders of Cambodia
are not imprisoned? 

Lupe Corazon says:

I am open minded and willing to accept new ideas, but I can’t comprehend
why a grown man or woman would want to have sex with a child! 

andre nguyen says:

My mom was one of these when she was little she was lucky enough that an
American bought her and helped her get away I am greatfull for that man I
am also that I still have my mother

Joshua derstine says:

The fact that there is such a huge market is evidence that there is huge
demand. What does that say about humanity? Even if child prostitution was
stopped, the hearts of men would be the same. If men lust to tear apart and
ravage the innocent, what does that say about their hearts disposition
toward their fellow man? This is not a matter of a hand full of evil men,
this is a matter of evil men by the tens and tens of thousands, and they
only represent a small fraction of the men who never get past the fantasy
There is no cure for the hearts of men. They are evil at their roots. For a
little while this will go on , but in time man will ruin himself along with
the planet.

Ricardo K. says:

wtf…. sick

SanMigLight SquashSeeds says:

this is why poverty and overpopulation never wins

Maria says:

really sick to see that is a reality for a poor innocent child

Miny Mathew says:

How can they do such Thing

John M says:

Probably a bunch of pedophiles watching this video. I would be suspicious
of any old white man in Southeast Asia.

josh stevens says:

it is sickening that a grown person would submit a child to that form of
torture. I think that any American citizen that is caught in the act of
child molestation should be put in the general population of a prison and
made to wear a sign saying they are a child molester and see how long they

Franky Wild says:

So sad and fucked up…

Dominique Williams says:

tears this world is inhumane i am caribbean gangsta this is worst than
black on black crime

Natasha Tsiokos says:

Every time I watch this I cry and can’t stop. I wish I could take them all
home and give those little angels the life that they deserve. By the way
what is the name of the song you used.

sevenblue71 says:

AS conclusion poverty generate prostitution and rape children

SMGJohn says:

Fucking Capitalism, no such shit back when Vietnam or Laos were Socialist

Martina Habulan says:

This is so sad oh my god: (

eljunior98 says:

These sick pieces of shit belong in jail.

aeisha pena says:

What the fuck

Halfbrick gamer says:

WORSE THAN THAT. I know someone who would enjoy this vid. Gabe

Nigth Blade says:

i dont care about the video all i care is what is the 2nd music of the
video? what is the title of the song?

Julia Baker says:

Realizing how gods children are being tortured hurts me, I cried

Lochmock says:

Good god, it takes a true monster to do something like this. 

monika peter says:

This Mofuckin sick bastards,they give Money for childrens life
destroy.BombaClAck in da Head!!!

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