BANGKOK GIRL — Thailand Night Life Documentary

BANGKOK GIRL — Thailand Night Life Documentary

Bangkok Girl, Documentary, One Girl’s Story. A very small part of tourism and tourists in Thailand. DELETED INTERVIEWS: DELETED MONTAGES: …

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nooby com says:

You should take a moment to put aside your own understanding and morals.

Lol guy you said it right there. “Allowed me to pay her bar fine to
accompany you”. IF SHE WASNT HO THEN WHY SHE HAVE BAR FINE, sheesh I smell
extreme NOOB. She don’t want her mom to come see her work, because she sit
with farang, she drink with farang (which she gets a cut off the sale for)
and “something”. The “something” is their way of saying sex, dang it!
welcome to the nooby world. They try to be polite, which is inherent of
their upbringing, but you can tell by the very mannerizim and nervous type
laugh that is often used by these girls, its nothing but a cover story..
sigh.. She fleeced you for how much in the end son?

These girls are sent to make money for the family, they have nothing but
the clothes on their back. Life is very cheap.
You have to do what you have to do to make money. Many of these thai
ladies find these farang good looking and a percentage do not. Do not
consider just because you are their norm stereo typical blond blue eyed
from England Germany or the Swiss / Nordic area’s that you are considered
instantly hot by these girls. Although you are like any business has their
target market.

Never judge a thai girl by your own western standards. they have their own
needs and agenda if your are their number one guy expect them to come meet
you at the airport and everything, soon after they will want to get their
hair dyed typically streaked blond and they will be all lovey or pouty if
they don’t get what they think they deserve, its all part of a game to
them. You are likely but one of their “gig’s” and indeed will be referred
to as literally part of their “game”.

Indeed it is very flattering to them to have several so called rich
handsome western men sending them money on a regular basis, while still
working in a bar or other establishment. Indeed even the ones working say
longer than 6 months in the industry and even if you give them money so
they don’t have to work and you’re totally aware of what they are doing,
sending them money so they don’t have to “work” will have a hard time
breaking away. Cocaine and meth other substance abuse is often introduced
at an early stage of their working life. To keep them in debt and in the

Despite being good natured and everything, wouldn’t you be too if your
living standards depended on it or next meal drug fix. Many of the ladies
have real conflict with their religion. But I have seen with my own eye
ladies of the night in the very small hours just breaking dawn run up to
a monk both of them pray and then seemingly hand over some money, as if to
absolve them of their sin’s. They then have a clear conscious or deal
with it as part of their drug habit, because they do still feel bad, “but
what else can I do”.. There are all types of ladies from different
backgrounds some lie saying they have a good paying job to their parents
others are sent by their parents..

No doubt if you thought you had an understanding with a thai girl and were
trying to get her out of her predicament you’d be sending money to keep her
out of the industry, but so too perhaps are three or more other guy’s.
Either way they’d have a hard time giving up all the extra income. Yay free
money! lets not forget because she has rich boyfriend she must also shout
all her good friends nice things too, or be seen as selfish and mean which
they certainly cant do or they will lose face. Yes even in that industry
the cultural stigma prevails.

You should also appreciate considering they have absolutely ingrained in
their social structure that all western farang come from richer countries.
They can not understand that western countries also have poverty people on
the streets etc..

All they know and have been told is that farang come from rich country so
everybody is rich, end of story. It’s every daughters duty to support and
help their family, indeed many are forced into it. If you try to explain
to thai the living costs as a % and that western countries also have poor,
at first they look at you with disbelief, like theirs been some language
miscommunication, or even smile at first politely thinking you are trying
to trick them.

Do not judge a thai girl by “inbetween” her cover, as it were, do not
compare them to your own country. Indeed if you want to see one of these
girls get pissy, say “in my country” several times. They get tired of
farang / clients saying this line, if they been in the industry for
sometime hearing in my country, in my country this or that etc..” the
night even get a little peevish or pissy”. You cant trust what your
looking at and don’t make the in my country thing obvious, it’s not
guaranteed method btw.

If your involved with one these types of ladies trust your gut don’t over
look the obvious, always be alert for your wallets and your own personal
safety. She will often give off subtle or subconscious cue’s of what she’s
up to. Don’t write off the obvious as a guess or explain away so called
inconsistencies, as miscommunication or otherwise. Most definitely if she
comes out and asks for money, or says she need’s it so she can go back
home, or if grandmas air conditioning breaks down even, their cow gets
sick. It’s also likely that these ladies will be from one the poorer
regions, Issan province for example is one of the a popular place’s for
these ladies to come from.

You are likely not more than the next “gig” a incredibly rich person,
because all they see is people in party mode on holiday with disposable
income, indeed you may begin to become cynical like many long term farang
that stay there. You’ll begin to see every smile “from the land of a
thousand smiles” as fake or see it as the locals thought process “oh a
farang brilliant lets tripple the price and barter from there”. Or here
comes the money ! more like it. If you date one of these ladies its like
going to one of the store holders and bartering, you’ll be seen as a
walking bank account.

Often they’ll try to get as much out of you as they can without making it
obvious. Others will just go along for the free ride for as long as it
last’s. That is the nature. Do not even think to compare to western
ladies or ideal. They are not from your country. They have an agenda,
that agenda is to live. I’ll finish up again by saying what I said
earlier, “life is very cheap in thai”.. You can get almost anything there,
but there are also a huge amount of knock off’s…the same things can be
said of matters relating to farang and relationships. Once you accept this
you’ll have a better time and wont feel so slighted on occasion. Most
importantly don’t be naïve you will be seen as a soft target and deserve
getting ripped off. Indeed they may even think they are doing you a favour
teaching you a valuable lesson. (been there almost got done by that)

The reason why the authorities over look most of this is precisely this,
they understand people got to make a living, sure they get kick backs and
what not, but until something gets into an issue like physical harm, then
they really stay out of it. The let the local senior ladies of the bar
take care of business. Never forget the police don’t have your interests
at heart, maintaining the norm and business as usual is their priority.
The thai police are the biggest gang there. Expect extortion especially in
the lucrative holiday spots, fines back at he station to make things
disappear so you can continue your holiday and not be thrown out of the
country and not allowed back in. Do not come out and suggest a bribe
suggest instead of being detained or thrown out how much the fine is. Most
of all do not take drugs they really don’t like that one, especially if
your so out of it (or drunk) you don’t know where you are. then you are
really in for some issues. Big lumbering drugged / drunk farang causing
issue in “their streets” really isn’t appreciated you’ll lose skin money
and possibly be thrown out. Also if you are dumbass enough to buy drug
there, likely its cut to pieces with something nasty, you may even be set
up at the buy and mugged and or stabbed in the process either way its not
worth it for one or two weeks stay.

P.S Of course not all thai ladies are “bad”, advice is to seriously take
into context the nature of the location and what on going activities are
occurring when you meet them. Always be alert, even when drunk. 

Joseph Connor says:

Thailand, the only place where fat ugly men are guaranteed to get laid,

Mike West says:

What year was this video filmed?

Robert J. Williamson says:

This was absolutely heartbreaking. I’m married to a Filipino girl I met in
the UK who has a very good education and a very good job. But I come across
a lot of men who think Asian women are all prostitutes and can be bought,
it is disgusting. It is because they have visited a place like this and
think this is what the entire culture is. 

thewatcherspain says:

Somehow i was expecting Jordan to help this girl. If I was him I would have
fallen in love with her, she is funny beautiful and smart

ilovetofu says:

You’re not blurring the face too well. I recognized my daddy!

kemykat100 says:

And that dirty perverted piece of shit from England in the purple blue
shirt towards the end oh my God. Parasite and he said he was teaching in a
school. Disgusting This little girl just wanted a better life and all these
Devils stole her innocence a dreams.

Luce Eterna says:

I’m deeply impressed by how Jordan shows us this country from a different
point of view. Also his own comments to what he films are moving.
I was not able to find a proper documentary until now and this one really
goes deep.
I was heavily impressed by Pla and I cannot believe that she was found
dead shortly after Jordan would fly back to Canada. It’s so sad. I mean,
she seemed to be a really nice, intelligent and strong woman. I can’t help
but to think about what she could have achieved in her life but instead she
is forced to deal with men like this dirty piece of shit in the end of the
movie. If we just could help.

Don Allen says:

I love Thai people, ’cause they look more like my people (Filipinos)! Thai
girls and Pinays are definitely the MOST beautiful creatures in ALL of
Asia. And prostitution is definitely illegal in both countries; however,
Philippines has more rigorous laws that are becoming strictly enforced, and
new laws have been created to ensure even foreigners who are caught for sex
trafficking in my country will be put in jail. If it is a serious offense,
such as underage sex, they will receive life in prison. So anyways, I hope
Thais can learn from us because they are also my people. Mabuhai! — from
the Philippines. :)

Sofia Dorrell says:

i cried so fucking hard at this.

Hameed Ullah says:

plan cancel I am not going to Thailand…. 🙁 🙁
It’s better to stay in UK rather then violating someone over there 

Darren Gaudry... says:


Kalashnikov Cortez says:

old ugly fat white Western men exploiting poor countryside girls. It’s
fucking sad.

Glem Det says:

you know something? we “farangs” dont adress our selves as “farang”

we call our selves “ตู้เอทีเอ็ม” :)

bigrich1307 says:

Easy money! Girls that go get the easy money, can’t really be respected. Go
get one of the millions of jobs that everyday Thai’s get and stay away from
the Westerner areas and respect yourself. That would be my advice to this
girl if she was still alive.

Tracey Holland says:

This documentary is so sad. The 800, 000 people in the sex trade there, are
just sex slaves, for Western tourists. They only receive education up to
the age of 12. They don’t really get paid, because the bar owners and cops
take a cut of their money and they never get out of poverty. It’s so sad,
to see human beings being treated like trash. This girl saw no hope for her
future, uneducated, and disfigured, the bar and selling herself was her
only source of income, and even with all that, she was still trying to help
pay for her mother’s medicine. She said she had a bad life, and nobody
cared about her, and now at 15 she is dead, probably killed by one of her
tricks. The police said she had a heart attack, so there would be no formal
investigation, why, because they get a kick back from the sex trade too.
What a waste of human life, and Americans and Europeans support this 21st
century slavery. This is just too sad for words.

sasi jounsang says:

Just got sick in my stomach and I feel abit bad when I watch it , it true
this what happen in bkk, I am a girl work ,study and stay in bkk but I’m
from small and poor village north of Thailand , it normally life not like
in bkk.
only 1 thing in Thailand it about big gap between people so poor and so
So some people or some lady’s do everything for get life better just some
lucky not all, poor kids never get good school and some just quit school go
to work that send some money go to their family, never know how it the
world going right now, their think only how their can take care parent of
them for get life better, everything like circle. I hope someday my country
it grows up.

a lot of beautiful temple in Thailand but why so many kids still want some
food and normal life and some place for stay?

Btw sorry for my gramma English
Just wanna try to tell you all Thailand did not bad at all. 

J Spright says:

Just want to thank you truly for this awe inspired documentary. Thank you.

Mike jones says:

GODLESS people plain and simple. 

Rajesh Gorkhali says:

WTF, Moron, You are the one who should be blamed for Pla’s Death. I could
see in the whole video she cherished your company and I am god damn sure
that you slept with her there is no doubt about it and you protecting her
everytime, after those events maybe she had high hopes of being together
with you and you ditched her thats why she must have felt low and couldn’t
overcome the sarrow or after you ditched her she must not be low so she
don’t feel like going out with customers which might have annoyed the owner
of bar and have order the kill. In way you are the one who is responsible
for the loss of such a Innocent life. Fu_k you. And even while recording
video one can easily tell from your voice that you are f_ _ king cunning

bahuleyan kuttan says:

BANGKOK GIRL — Thailand Night Life Documentary:

Tahuan Tinsuyo says:

This is the legacy of the American War of Aggression in Vietnam. Thailand
is an American success story for ”democracy”.

Kevin Oconnor says:

It was nice of you to let her tell her story Jordan. She did have something
very special and different. We will never know what killed her. The
industry is so corrupt.
If you managed to spend all that time with this girl on such a personal
level without falling for her in some way you must have bolted down the
hatches. I would have failed.She was strong and beautiful. To the people
talking about her bar fine etc. You don’t know what you are talking about.
She would have to be bar fined even for a walk around the temple.

dannyrybeck says:

I spent my whole young life in Thailand, the Philippines, Korea and Japan,
while serving in the merchant marines and navy, I always treated the women
with high respect, yes I indulged, but I never mistreated one girl, they
have needs, and men have needs, and if everyone is happy, what’s the
problem, yes I know of Westerners that mistreat the women, they are
disgusting, especially the fat pigs from Europe. All the women I was with
in my 20 years in Asia, all the women that went with me, all have fond
memories of me, I treated them like royalty.

I gave lots of money away, as I felt genuinely sorry for many.

Aaäkdic Vslaäe says:

Tourists = money Farang = Money why should girls with no knowlege about
school or job do this. And it is the same in every third world country. If
you want to say or change something go to the monarch. And dont make
nonsense things like that

slojamz01 says:

As A serviceman in Thailand during the early 70s, I was a part of that
culture. Young and the first time out of the US, I fell captive to the
charm and freedom of that world. I saw this doc and my heart wept. I feel
kinship with the people of this land and tried to keep up with the goings
on there through the years. I remember when the road to Pattaya was
nothing but dirt and only one or two hotels on the beach. A time when there
were 100bht to the dollar. Once it was the playground for the military, now
the Europeans own it. I really feel bad for the women there. I left my
heart there many years ago. I still weep for my second home. NKP and
Sattahip, Thailand

Huevonious Maximus says:

This guy did not have to go to Thailand to find prostitutes, is just that
is more open there. There are prostitutes in the U.S. too, In Germany, all
over developed countries. So whats the excuse? No jobs? A bleeding heart
liberal, holier than thou attitude.

Sene Hudson says:

A beautiful soul… In an undeserving part of the world. R.i.P. Pla

MsAprilsummer says:

Bless your heart.I read some comments saying you were being ‘taken’ clearly
you knew what she was doing and you are not stupid. You saw a light within
her in a very dark place and I admire people who want to help others in any
way shape or form. My only concern about this young girl is I wonder if you
ever thought she was on drugs..she is sweet, darling and yes innocent; but
sadly she seems high most of the time while you are out walking. I love
nature as well but her behavior is very erradic, I could be wrong and she
was possibly very nervous in public. I can’t help but think why you kept
going back to that creep on camera, as he got more aggressive towards the
end. That made an impact. Rip sweet too many.

Juan C. Rizo B. says:

noooooooooooooooo! $%^$^$% Aaaaaaah…why!?

Kevin Oconnor says:

All the usual idiotic comments from people that haven’t taken the time to
talk to people working in Bangkok ,Pattaya,Phuket etc.
It’s probable that Bla was working and on occasion went with customers to
send money home.
Some girls get hooked on the party life and forget why they started. They
constantly go with the punters and spend the money partying. This girl
seemed different. She did what she had to do.
With no education and such a bad start in life she could only do this or
sweep the roads. She chose this because she had the possibility of meeting
someone and climbing out of the pit and because when her mother needed it
she could send money for medicine etc.
She gets my respect.

Michael Thomas says:

Seeing a person in need and using them for there situation for personal
gain speaks volumes for there character. I know she is in a better place in
the after life. It is a shame that every one pretending to be a friend is
really a friend. 

Rainer Wiset says:

Typische Thai Bar Frau…und ein Typischer Thai Sextourist….kommt sehr
dumm rüber….diese Frauen tun mir echt leid….aber irgendwo muss die
Kohle ja herkommen…und das wird dann zur Familie geschickt…in den
meisten Fällen

ewan thomas says:

Typically white man seem to indulge in this past time. I wonder if that say
something about the white male that other ethical groups don’t show or seem
to shy away from.?

Saya Lotus says:

I swear this is the 4th time I have watched this video. I just can’t get
over Pla sweetness and cuteness. Not to mention the sad and the sorrow I am
in right now. God, I am so depressed :'( why you didn’t took her with you
Jordan? WHY

3martiniplaydate says:

Although I have watched this many times, I can.t bring myself to take it
off my “watch later” playlist. When I scroll down, I see that poor girls
face. I always say a prayer for her, and the girls who are living through
this at this moment. I guess I keep it so I won.t forget how blessed I am.
I.m first generation American. Had my parents stayed in Nicaragua,
theoretically, that could be a Nicaraguan version of myself or sister, or
I call her my beautiful Thai angel. I.m sure I.ll find a proper spot for
her in one of my many playlists. But for now, she will stay where I see her
The more seen this, the more I despise the westerners who take part in
this cycle of shit. Cheap cunts. Especially the ugly fuck in the video
boasting about how great it is out there. They are vermon.
I pray that one day I will have the money to help at least one of those

vince dsouza says:

where are this men from ..they all look related….i mean they all look
total loosers….fuck whats wrong with the thais,where is their pride,why
do they sell thier woman and why dont they just start beating the shit out
of these loosers and they will stop coming …..this is sooo sad…

Ivan Damico says:

I met a Thai girl in Boston, moved to California to be with her when she
moved, and eventually moved with her to Bangkok. Her father owned one of
the largest hotel brothels in the city. Most of the girls would have been
getting raped in soldier comfort stations in Burma or Malaysia if they
didnt come to Bangkok, so they are happy that they are safe and have money
to send to their families. Sex is very ingrained into their culture, and
since they have no fake western Christian bullshit morality, they know it
is essential for good health and arent as uptight as westerners are. Its
looked on about the same as we will say to someone “go get a job at
mcdonalds”, but not regarded as dirty like we see prostitutes here. Married
men are expected to go to brothels, I even knew wealthy families who send
pubescent boys to brothels so they wont impregnate local girls who would
then be considered a burden on the family for life. And if you get out of
line, the mafia has crocodile farms theyll just chuck you in, no evidence
exept croc shit. The Thai people are as wonderful and welcoming as can be,
and the food, even from roadside stands, is amazing. If you have a chance
to go, take it. If not, make one. 

Hikurangi Allison-Tuhura says:

Rest in peace Pla x

1Brendoni123 says:

First I watched the dynasties of saudi arabias rulers documentary cause I
was bored, then I randomly watched this documentary. When I found out she
died, it destroyed my whole day ;( I hope she will rest in peace

Tom Laak says:

Falang means foreign or foreigner

PlacidDragon says:

That was a pretty gutwrenching story :/

Pablo Graham says:

It’s a shame and a tragedy with her intelligence and beauty that she never
had a chance. Next time she comes around as a better person in a better

Johann Goethe says:

The Cartels are moving teenagers across the American Southern Border. The
American border patrol stays 75 miles inland, because the Cartels have
bought off the feds! Human Trafficking and slavery is back in the United
States notice all the massage parlors!! THANKS OBAMA!

Aashish Shrestha says:

After all these,It was really heartbreaking to know she is no more.Good
and bad are just man made things but in reality it doesn’t exist.What
exists is only surviving anyhow or anyway.Harsh people and harsh system of
the world.

dongyo69 says:

best documentary ever !

karl evason says:

nice to see so much compassion for your fellow man/woman. this poor girl
died at a young age probably because she was working the bar (but not
confirmed). don’t judge the poor girl unless you know her story totally-and
have some respect for the fact that she is dead-what a waste. all of you
that say its what they do-they know nothing else-that’s as maybe, but do
you really think it is their fault totally? im sure the majority of these
woman would much prefer to work a normal job etc but as the film states,
these girls are kicked from school at an early age with little
education-you think its the girls fault? we westerners have a right to full
time education-and how many wasters abuse this right and mess it up?
there are loads of wasters in this country (UK) that would be just like
these girls if it weren’t for the benefits system-unfortunately Thai people
don’t have this luxury so instead of bitching about how these people have
no choice-maybe think of a way to help.

vijinath nair says:

gud work…………………..

Steve Jones says:

Police confiscated tables because they were illegal.

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