Chinese In Mexico

Chinese In Mexico

Chinese success may have led to resentment in the past, but today children of Chinese immigrants embrace both their family history and the life they’ve forged in Mexico. CCTV’s Franc Contreras…



EkBalam707 says:

You can find in any American City, Mexican restaurants and Chinese massage
parlors. Chinese restaurants or Mexican grocery stores. We are different
cultures coexisting.

oscar gutierrez says:


Archie Richard says:

13 of Canada is Asian.

Мoleслав Dažbog says:

Porque en Mexico no hay negros ?

WassabiYakunglee says:

Cubans are an hybrid mixture of black african slaves and aborigine taino
tribes, they were considered mulattoes or sambos during the colonial times
in Mexico, the wealthy white Mexicans used to have blacks as servants,
cookers, nannies, maids, etc., The Mexican comic of Memin Pinguin
represents a cuban boy.

Archie Richard says:

There is a misconception about ‘White America’ because each state is
different. States like Mississippi, Louisiana or Florida have more blacks
and browns than whites. In fact. the majority of people in places like
miami in southern florida, are black and brown, most of them immigrants
from central america, cuba, haiti or southamerica, and they barely speak
English. Only the retired elders from Canada speak English and are white.
So not all states in the states are white or have a white majority. Asians
are mostly in the west coast, California, Hawaii or Washington state which
are pretty much diverse states unlike the states in the east side that look
more brown and black.

Aztekrieger Valachingonazo says:

China is capitalist, it’s OK to do business with China, Malaysia,
Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, etc. Asians are welcome!!
communist cubans and faggots from miami, are not.
As simple as that!
This is Mexico, the Big Brother of LatinAmerica with the most
industrialized & powerful emergent economy, love it or leave it!

Jbautista says:

For those of you hating on Asian people, FUCK YOU!!! YOU PIEACE OF SHIT!! I
love Asian people. It would my plesure to call them my neighbors. And
besides Mexicans and Asian make a pretty attractive offspring( I would know
I dated one ;). Apologies for my language

Mauro Diaz says:

2:12 Those Chinese- Mexican girls speaking Spanish is soooo fucking hot.

Markgee8 says:

You Chinese will always be welcomed in mexico 


Chinese Mexican dinner must be the best ..

Carlos Payan says:

I’m from the North of Mexico and I like Chinese Culture. I study their
philosophy, their religion, their martial arts, and their history. I’ve
been to Shanghai and Hong Kong and they are very nice cities. Shanghai is a
city of very friendly people. I like China. 

HDsharp says:

The irony is back then, the Mexicans wanted white immigration, and they got
it, and now look what happened to them, the whites discriminate against
them now, just as white Brazilians do to their people…

NorCalBrah916 says:

I’m asian but I love mexico, mexican people and mexican culture. Very nice

YojimbO 707619 says:

Mexico needs more Asian parlors, Asian food markets and Asian restaurants.

thomas pauly says:

Sad to hear of how the Chinos in the period from 1911 until 1930 were
discriminated against by the Pres. Francisco Madero. Good to hear of their
contributions to Mexico. Currently, in Tijuana, they have shut down a few
Chinese restaurants for serving dog and cat meat. Iiioooo -que azco!

Tim Caffery says:

23 generations?! I bet there isn’t a European in North America that can
make the same claim, but they sure own it all. Visual likeness between
Chinese & Bolivian Incans is practically identical, hats & all. I think the
Americas were a part of Imperial China, probably (vague) sometime 800-1200
AD. For at least 10 generations, maybe precipitating the rise of Inca &
Aztec’s rise, post some type of collapse or severing.

Leo Rising says:

China-Mexico For the Win!!

Pom Lo says:

The Chinese are everywhere hahahaha … they are welcome all over the world
because they are workers, because they are tolerant, also because they
always respect the country that welcomes them… We ever had problems with
the Chinese community!

Justin Obregón says:

I’m a chimneys mexican but you just can’t see in me it from my dads side ☺️

Osmin Cruz says:

mexicans are black but not to much they are oro beautiful cuz son bellos 

Fernando Torres says:

That one guys older asian daughter looks pretty hot i wouldnt mind
traveling to mexico and seeing asian mexicans its fine with me

Rolando Galvan says:

Chinese In Mexico:

turtles420roast says:

Chinese girls speaking Spanish 🙂 soo sexy

rodrigo cabanillas says:

It was horrible what happened to the chinese in the 30s, all the chinese
people i met are really nice and they integrate really quickly and fast.
They are model immigrants here in Mexico. 

Doggy Knows Style says:

Mexico would be better of if it were mostly Chinese. 

Oso 71512 says:

I love Chinese people

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