Attending a Non-immigrant Visa Interview at the U.S. Embassy

Attending a Non-immigrant Visa Interview at the U.S. Embassy

What to expect when you attend the Embassy for a non-immigrant visa interview The policy regarding electronic items changed in April 2014. Small electronic i…



Sarah Gibson says:

really helpful

maripositapdx says:

Wait a second… the video says you can’t bring in large bags/backpacks,
but check out 0:50 and 0:57.

kudlataification says:

in&WaitTil urNumberIsCalledAgain-4 2interv.If urVisa

Dominic Wingfield says:

You need to get a work visa

superedmonkey98 says:

Do i need to do this if i am going there for a holiday?

69nuz69 says:

@USEmbassyLondon I don’t understand why I’ve been picked for
‘administrative processing’ that can last up to 90 days when the university
friends I’m traveling with were issued their student visa right away? The
interviewer mentioned they’ll keep the departure time in mind (only 13
days away). What’s the likelihood that the process will be complete in time
for my departure?

Alamodillo says:

If this awesome music doesn’t follow me around at the embassy next week I
will be disappointed! 🙂

rustedrainbow says:

Oh my god i’ve got to go on Monday and i have absolutely NO IDEA what i
need to bring. I think i need to bring a receipt of one of the gazillion
payments but they never emailed me the receipt so what the frick do i

Le Baptiste says:

how much is the courier fee for the passport? can’t find out this anywhere.

lopetimgb says:

It depends on a lot of factors, such as whether you have relatives in the
U.S. that could sponsor you.

nareshdubai says:

@USEmbassyLondon : after taking interview appointment for Oct 4, 2010, I
have completed and submitted DS-160 online but i did a mistake : 1) My
photo uploaded successfully but does not meet specifications. Should i fill
a new DS-160 and get new DS-160 confirmation number. Is it allowed to Fill
and submit DS-160 many times before attending the interview? Should i bring
the first DS-160 confirmation also for the interview or the latest one
only? Thanks, Naresh

karlnxn says:

I’m disgusted! I bought myself and my friend who is from Poland (who has
lived in the UK for a number of years) a weeks holiday for his birthday. He
is very hard working, Trustworthy and a very responsible citizen living in
London. Today he has told me that his Visa application has been refused
because he doesn’t have any ties in the UK. I am just so angry because it
just seems that you have made the decision based on what a computer screen
says in front of you! Not happy!

Philip Breeden says:

Visa free travel only applies to UK citizens on business or tourism for 90
days or less. UK citizens going to work, to study, and for other things do
need visas. Many of those who apply could be from other countries as well.

kwlhearts says:


Badr Ghalmi says:

Do i need an appointement letter because i dont have it and noway i can get

St Ozzy says:

snack should be free

loughrey101 says:

I was all US Embassy’s were as informative and efficient as the London one.

RPG Entertainment says:

oh, so it ‘s very easy!

spoonmonkey14 says:

To be Honest, the Interview is all about the Consular Officer mood.

truthonthings says:

@protonsoul if you reapply – as long as you’re mentally prepared to get
rejected again, then you should be fine if you are, then go ahead i mind
reapplying cos of the cost – twice being rejected and already incurred
1,000 bucks .

Umar Ashraf says:

You people are nothing but semi-illiterate, ignorant, rude and incompetent
pencil pushers.

pipo3a says:

Can I choose the date and time of my interview??

02rsrath says:

is there anyway you can get ur passport the same day as you interview
because i have to go on holiday the day after ???

Dharmender Tathgur says:

@derektathgur – yes I did get one (10 yr B1/B2) and as i said I found the
whole process fairly straightforward…. but this is just my personal
experience !

19tazmania says:

The video may be straightforward enough, but the actual process is a
nightmare. I applied for a fiancee visa a year ago and whenever I called
the embassy, the people on the phone were disinterested, staff both at the
interview and on the phone have been unbelievably rude, sarcastic and made
personal remarks – and the advice about which forms are needed has been
completely contradictory. I would not recommend this system to anyone.

CrypticalK says:

No. Visas, residency, and citizenship are separate. A “Non-Immigrant Visa”
just gives you permission to travel to the United States as a visitor and
stay up to an agreed period of time. Only people who aren’t covered by the
Visa Waiver Program need this. Whereas, an “Immigrant Visa” gives you
permission enter the United States and reside there permanently,
effectively becoming a permanent resident upon arrival. To become a US
citizen, you must live there as a permanent resident for 5 years.

USEmbassyLondon says:

@martilou1 Those requiring assistance should make themselves known to the
security guards at the gate. If a disabled applicant requires assistance
within the Embassy, we will also authorize a carer to attend the
appointment with them. In such cases, the carer’s name must be on the
access list and provided to us in advance. Sincerely, Consular Information
Unit U.S. Embassy, London CONS/CIU/GS

Bhulli1 says:

It’s helpful

Marerey says:

This video is a very good example of attending any kind of usa immigration
and non immigration visa interview.

LeonardoLEOvideos says:

Ly Tach, you are ridiculous! America is a land of immigrants, and by
looking at your surname,i can see that clearly. I am a naturalised citizen
and I’m ashamed of you! You don’t represent me in anyway on your
statement!if it weren’t by the millions of hard working people that come to
America to do the job you don’t,The US of A would be history by now. Get a
life and be TOLERANT, for a change, will ya?

furnyman74 says:

Hello, I’m in the UK armed forces and need a B2 visa for a family holiday.
I have visited Afghanistan as a result of my military service, and was
wondering if this will this have any negative effect on my visa
application. My passport wasn’t stamped or checked at all during my time
there. Many thanks.

RowdyPumper says:

@sam9lives I was helping a friend with the process last year and read
everything on the Immigration Service and the State Department sites, plus
a few forums. When the embassy officer told my friend that he needed a
medical exam for a B-2 visa, I gave him an disputing paragraph extracted
from the regulations I downloaded, and the employee apologized for the
mistake. So yeah, you can help by preparing for the interview or you can
make excuses.

truthonthings says:

kacheyyyyyyy says:

Kacheyyyyyyyyyy …not really I was invited to teach there…and i still
maintain my comment …Rude indeed….

nontokozo ncube says:

i use a eu travel document, can i get a visa to visit my relatives in the

butterfflyess says:


Scott Huddleston says:

So if i want a travel visa i have to go all the way down to London for an
interview that doesnt garentee that i wil get accepted???

Jfoz09 says:

Just a question for anyone who has done this before…I live5 hours away
from london and my mum is taking me to get my visa for camp america, how
long does the whole thing take (from waiting outside to coming in) because
odviously my mum cant come in too and i cant take my phone in to ring her!
so ill need to say how long i will be! cheers

Fervid Vervet says:

Agreed! I don’t think they’ll let a boom box in, so the only thing to do is
to apply along with some friends and rehearse an a capella rendition.

Wallis simpson says:

Depents you cause sometime just take 1 moth or less but before you paid you
ticket go to trovel angecy and they gonna tell you what you need.

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